You’re in Great Hands

Meet our talented instructor team at SwingLab. We are focused on delivering the highest quality of instruction in Canada. Our instructors are active competitors who teach high level content in an accessible manner. Read through our instructors’ bios below:

Alpha Vo

Owner & Instructor

Known for his precision and athleticism, Alpha Vo is a West Coast Swing All-Star who has been competing and dancing for seven years. In 2017 Alpha won the international amateur title of "US Open Rising Star Champions" with his dance partner, Jen Malcolm. Alpha now competes with lifts and aerials in the Showcase division alongside his mentors, Myles & Tessa. Follow him on YouTube, and come social dance with him every Friday at Rx!
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Myles Munroe

Director & Instructor

In his 30 years of dancing, Myles trained under top professionals in all forms of stage dance and partner dance. He competed at the national level in Latin, won 6 UCWDC world championship titles before the age of 20, and is Canada's top ranked West Cost Swing dancer, crossover Swing dancer, and 2017 NASDE Tour champion. Partners since 2002, Myles and Tessa have been touring internationally to teach, judge, and perform, and training teachers in their Swing Literacy Development method since 2008. Myles put students at ease with a casual, comedic teaching style that gets results in a way that feels effortless and fun. Booking info

Tessa Cunningham-Munroe

Director & Instructor

Tessa is Canada's top-ranked West Coast Swing dancer. Starting West Coast Swing in 2000, she quickly put her degrees in Kinesiology and Education and national sport coaching certification to use to give her a unique and powerful teaching approach that helps students learn faster. Together with Myles, they compete at the highest international levels in the Showcase division, and train dancers in and teachers all over the world in their Swing Literacy Development Method. Tessa is known for her playful, adaptable dance style, and direct, no-fluff teaching that motivates and inspires. Booking info

Jen Malcolm


Jen started dancing in the shower at the age of 29 and when she realized her cat was captivated by her champion abilities, she was motivated to bring her talents to cats worldwide.

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Eric Chisholm


When he isn't thinking about dance, Eric thinks about thinking, so he can think better about dance. doing this, along with coaching from Myles & Tessa, he has climbed to the Allstar ranks in WCS, and is looking to pass on his skills and knowledge.

Shannon Black


Shannon started dancing Lindy Hop in 2009, but when she moved the west coast the following year she, appropriately, fell in love with West Coast Swing. A teacher by profession, Shannon started combining her two passions together in 2015 when she began teaching beginner West Coast Swing classes for the UBC Swing Kids. An avid social dancer herself, her goal is to get you socializing, having fun, and grooving on the dance floor as soon as possible!

Zoltan Meszaros


Zoltan has had a strong passion for dance ever since his birth, due to his parents who met in a dance studio. Zoltan also met his wife, Yuka, at a local dance studio where she introduced West Coast Swing to Zoltan. Zoltan is an active member of the Vancouver Westie community as he’s been dancing, competing, and Dj’ing for the past 12 years. Zoltan also teaches West Coast Swing at UBC with his regular teaching partner, Shannon, where they have been teaching for over 2 years. Zoltan will get you moving, make you laugh and have fun dancing.

Maxwell Libbrecht


Max started partner dance in 2006, with a mix of Lindy Hop, Blues and vintage Waltz. He started West Coast Swing in 2013 after moving to Seattle, and now competes at the All-star level. Max is known for his athletic and partner-focused dance style -- check him out on youtube.

Sam Jackson


Sam has been dancing since 2011 with the UVic Ballroom Dance Club, learning a number of partner dances including Standard and Latin Ballroom and East Coast Swing. His first ever dance workshop was in West Coast Swing, and when he moved to Vancouver in 2014, he quickly became addicted. Training under Myles and Tessa, Sam is now an Advanced dancer teaching in Victoria, BC. His approach draws from biomechanics, physics, and pedagogy, tailoring his lessons to his students. Whether Sam is out on the floor, at the DJ booth, or teaching, he wants everyone to feel amazing while dancing.

Celina Villarroel


Celina began her dance journey at the age of 8, starting with Modern dance and then eventually expanding her training to include Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Street dance, Hip Hop, Salsa, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Afro fusion, Brazilian Samba and Dancehall. She is a professional dancer with past credits that include music videos, corporate performances, live shows and dance competitions. She currently teaches, performs and trains around Vancouver in a variety of dance styles. She believes in always being a student and strives to live her passions of captivating audiences as well as continually learning and training in various forms of dance.

181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2W3