SwingLab offers a variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our class offerings below to find the one that best fits your needs.


8 PM to 9 PM

Learn West Coast Swing by jumping into our intro class! This series focuses on the foundations of WCS and partner dancing. We promise to get you moving and having fun.

No pre-requisites. This class is appropriate for new dancers with zero to four months of experience. 

Drop-ins are allowed on the first class of every series. New series starts every month.


7 PM to 8 PM

This class is designed to challenge dancers who want to seriously improve their skills. Expect content that emphasizes technique based learning and is not based on pattern memorization. This series is the one of the few group classes in all of Canada aimed at highly experienced dancers. Content changes every month.

Pre-requisite: Approval from instructors, or 1+ novice point, or passing a fundamental skills assessment prior to the class. Improvers have free accees to the intro class.

Drop-ins are allowed into any class. New series starts every month.


8 PM to 9 PM

Tune up your WCS by giving yourself a dedicated session to work on your personal movement skills! While Improvers focuses on partnership skills and pattern repertoire, this class focuses on gaining proficiency in and increasing your repertoire of solo movement.


Using a jazz class format, teachers will guide the class through WCS-specific solo exercises such as footwork drills, turning, body isolations, and rhythmic synchopations…while music is playing. You will get tons of repetitions to practice and “get it in your body”, then immediately practice it with a partner in live social dancing.

No Pre-Requisites: None! No Assessment required. No partner needed.

Drop-ins allowed.into any class.



Interested in registering for some of our classes? Look at our upcoming classes page for more info on how to do that. 

Social dancing occurs after every class night. The social dance is put on by The Roundhouse Experiment. Stick around to practice your learning in a fun environment.


All of our SwingLab instructors are trained in or certified in the Swing Literacy Development Method (SLDM). The SLDM is the most comprehensive WCS training program available. Using the same principles of progressive skills development used in sports, dancers become more "literate" in their dance skills, sooner, and have more fun and success.

For more information please visit Canadianswingchampions SLDM


Private lessons are lessons where students can book individual time with one of our instructors. Private lessons are essential to a student developing in a well balanced manner. Our instructors are available for privates and their booking information can be found on our Instructor page.


New series starts each month! As some Fridays are "blacked out", some months will have only 3 classes. Take the Improvers class & Westie Conditioning class simultaneously and get 20% off the price of our Westie Conditioning class. You can pay for classes at the door or online. Payments accepted: Cash, Interac e-transfer, Credit card (2.65% processing fee). You can e-transfer payments to: